Norway trip

Just as I am starting this section on my portfolio site, my clothes are spread out on the bed, ready to be packed for my yearly trip home to Norway to see family and friends. Summer time in Norway for me gives me time to relax, and do some of the things that I miss, while in here in Bangkok. There are many upsides to living in a big city, and as a professional photographer, you are more are less dependant on it, as you need to be where the commercial photography business happens. But the heat, the traffic, the air pollution and lack of nature scenery is not one of them. In Norway I will fish for salmon at my family’s summer house. We actually have a salmon river running along the edge of our garden. Sokndal, where the summer house is located, is a quaint fishing village at the south-western tip of Norway. It’s quiet and clean as the rest of Norway. I will of course bring my laptop as I still have to do some work. Some color grading of images for a client, after I get them from my retoucher. Which reminds me, I should get them today. I am also bringing a few garments from the Bangkok fashion designer, Takara Wong (TKW), to do some test shots with Norwegian models at some of the locations in the area. Cool of TKW to give them to me. Obviously I am bringing my camera. I’ll post some images from the test shoot here, when it’s done.

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