Two beautiful models standing in front of a vintage red sports car on a beach in Thailand. 
Thailand photographer.
I am a Norwegian fashion and advertising photographer. My clients range from international agencies, international and local brands and companies, fashion designers, marketing professionals, and occasionally private clients. My commercial photography includes fashion and advertising campaigns, fashion look books and catalogue, fashion lifestyle and advertising photography and content for social media. I also shoot portraiture for private clients. Every assignment is different. I and my team will adapt to the task at hand. Sometimes, I am part of a bigger production, perhaps in an international ad campaign, directed by an advertising agency, and driven by an international production house. I then come in strictly as the photographer alone, or with a small support crew. Other times I will handle the the whole production, and do the creative direction myself, with my own production house. This is often the case with local and international fashion brands or local businesses, that will not engage a separate advertising agency. I am fortunate enough to work creatively with clients in what is often experienced as an exciting process for them. Often there is also significant pressure, and much is on the line. Fashion, advertising, or really any form of commercial photography is a serious business and often quite a bit of money has been invested. I take my photography and my clients extremely serious.
Bangkok Skyline & Setting Sun in the distance behind a man and his guitar. Photography by Ben Zander
Life on a farm Ben Zander Photography
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